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Guest Post: Best of 2014!

I prepared an introduction for this guest post earlier but, after reading this post, I can see that none is necessary! Michelle from The Lazy Laquerista (a great blog about nail art and polishes with beauty/skincare peppered in) has been so kind as to write a lovely post for you all today and so, without further ado:

Hello readers of The Sunday Wardrobe!

The members of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers Network had the chance to participate in guest post for December with the theme of 'Best Of 2014' and I was matched up with your regular author, Nabihah.  I've decided to share some of my favorite new to me cosmetics brands of the past year.  This doesn't necessarily mean that the brands themselves are new but that I tried them for the first time (and loved them) over the past 12 months.  Let's get started!

Performance Colors

Performance Colors is an indie make up shop that specializes in lip colour but also dabbles in skin and eye cosmetics.  I first learned about them from the reddit sub Indie Makeup And More.  I've tried their lip colors and absolutely love them.  She offers two formulas.  First is a restorative formula that I describe as the cross between a lipstick and chapstick.  They are highly pigmented but are also soft and moisturizing.  The other formula is a matter formula which are also highly pigmented but have longer wear times.  These lippies sell for $6USD each but right now there is a 3/$12 special.  How can you go wrong at $4 each for such amazing colours?  You can find Performance Colors on Etsy and Facebook.

WingDust Collections

I had heard about WingDust Collections through various indie polish groups/forums most often relating to their most popular polish, Steel Town Girl.  When I found out they were having a pre-order for this hard to find polish I knew I had to get my hands on it.  The pleasant surprise was that this brand turned out to be Canadian, just like me.  The creator behind the brand, Stephanie, has great customer service and a great creative mind.  The polishes she comes up with are totally unique and absolutely gorgeous.  My personal favorites are the ones that contain gold leaf flakes.  I haven't seen that done so well in any other brand.  Since my initial order my WingDust collection has grown to 17 shades and I'm sure will keep expanding.  You can find Wingust Collections on Etsy, Facebook and Instagram.

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

 Not all of my favorite new to me brands this year are indies.  I had heard about OCC through a Canadian cosmetics group on facebook.  When some of their sets went on sale at Sephora I took the plunge and thus began my addiction to liquid lipstick.  I love how highly pigmented the OCC Lip Tars are.  It only takes a drop to do my lips entirely.  I also love that I can easily mix different shades to create something unique.  They do seem a little pricey but even the mini 'test tubes' will last so long since your require so little product per application.  You can find OCC at and Sephora.

Glamour Doll Eyes

Do you like eye shadow in a rainbow of amazing colours?  Then you should probably check our Glamour Doll Eyes.  Vanessa, the creator of this awesome brand, comes out with beautiful and unique colours to suit every style, from neutral to wild.  GDE shadows are all incredibly pigmented and full sized jar will last you approximately forever.  At $6 a shadow it's also a very budget friendly brand.  Another neat thing about this brand is that there is a new gift with purchase shadow every month that you get free with all orders over $10.  I've also tried a couple of their blushes and their quality is just as good as the shadows.  You can find Glamour Doll Eyes on, Storenvy and Facebook.

Femme Fatale Cosmetics

Last up is a brand that's a little bit of everything.  Femme Fatale makes their own cosmetics and polish but is also an international stockist for many other indie lines.  They are based out of Australia but I love their stuff so much that shipping it across the world is completely worth it.  My personal make up favorites are their duochrome eye shadows and low shimmer illuminators.  As for the polishes, I don't think I can choose a favorite because they are all so pretty!  If you don't to wait for your package to cross the ocean you can also get Femme Fatale polishes from Color4Nails and Harlow&Co and Shiro Cosmetics has announced they will soon be stocking their shadows.  To get the goodies straight from the source check out and their Facebook page.

I hoped you enjoyed my favorite new to me brands, and maybe you learned about a new one that you need to check out.  If you like this post please come and check my out in my natural habitat over at, Facebook and on Instagram.

Happy polishing,

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